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No matter the size of your company, our selection of courses has been designed to provide you with all the theory and practical knowledge you need to meet the challenges of your company’s change management projects. Click on the course you are interested in to see an overview of the topics covered.

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Introduction to Change Management

Do you want to discover more about change management? This introductory change management course will provide you with an overview of the subject and allow you to discover the fundamentals.
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Change management

Nowadays companies are permanently confronted with change: on average employees have to face three changes simultaneously. Our course in change management will help you navigate through the change in your company.
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7-day free access to the basic functions of the website including phase 1 of the change management course.

  • Theoretical course (limited access)
  • Support cards (limited access)

Acquire a good working knowledge of the theory of change management and exchange on this subject with other users and experts.

  • Illustrated theoretical course
  • Basic support cards
  • Basic templates
  • Community

Implement the lessons learned during the courses and exchanges with other users; benefit from personalized support from an expert.

  • All advantages included in the "Basic" package
  • Advanced templates
  • Mentoring

Acquire more in-depth competencies; implement and enhance them under expert guidance.

  • All advantages included in the "Standard" package
  • Advanced support cards
  • Tutoring ++

COMPANIES: Tailor-made offers dedicated to companies, training organizations
or consultants are also available. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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(1) Access to the approach and content material is limited. The aim of the free trial is to give you an idea of what the other packages have to offer.
(2) An expert will be available to answer your questions relating to the methods shared and/or their application in your project.
(3) If you are a company and want more than one license, contact us at contact@changex.center to find out about our Corporate offers.

Key features

High quality theoretical content

The courses on offer provide structured, illustrated and comprehensive detailed approaches to facilitate your learning experience.

It provides interactive and educational content

Videos, quizzes to test your knowledge, dynamic exercises and a lot of other interactive content are used throughout the lessons.

There are a wide variety of tools, methods and best practices

Concrete examples and many templates, support cards and reusable presentations enhance the courses enabling you to quickly put the knowledge learned into practice.

Easy access and monitoring to move forward at your own pace

From your desk or remotely, access the course whenever you want. A tracking system validates your progress as you learn and allows you to pick up where you left off.

Personalized support

Experts tutors are available throughout your learning experience and will be ready to answer your questions whenever necessary.

A community of users and experts is at your service

Exchange your experiences, benefit from information and advice thanks to our community which brings together experts in change management and users of the platform.

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