About Us

Thanks to CHANGEx you will be able to learn more about change management and then apply this to transform your company!

 CHANGEx is an eLearning platform, which was conceived to accompany everyone, who is experiencing and leading a change in their corporate environment (no matter whether it employs less than 10 employees or is a multinational organisation).

What are the advantages of this platform? 

Nowadays companies are permanently confronted with change: on average employees have to face three changes simultaneously.

We created the CHANGEx platform to help you navigate through a period of change and lead a change project successfully.

The Advantages of CHANGEx

  • A structured approach covering all aspects from A-Z
  • High quality theoretical content
  • A wide variety of tools, methods and best practices
  • Videos, quizzes and many other interactive elements
  • A system of guidance adapted to your progress
  • Easy access: whether from at home in remote work or from the office
  • Answers to your questions from our group of experts

Our Partners

MindForest experts in change management have contributed to this platform.