General purchase conditions

Version 1 from March 1st 2021

The CHANGEx platform is operated by MindForest SA (“MindForest”) and is protected by legislation covering royalty payments, as well as by other laws and agreements relating to intellectual property.

Article 1: Object

The present document entitled “GENERAL PURCHASE CONDITIONS” is also accessible via the website (now referred to as “GPC”), it covers the conditions attributed to any purchase made via the website by a customer resident in the European Union. By subscribing to one of the formulae presented on the website CHANGEx, you acquire a licence to access specific content on the website CHANGEx. In doing so, you also recognize, accept and agree to abide by our “General User Conditions”.

Article 2 : Definitions

The following terms, included in this document, should be read and interpreted in a singular or plural context as defined below:

– “CHANGEx Tools”: tools, resources or materials made available via the website CHANGEx.
–  “Client” or “you”: any third party purchasing one of the formulae available via the website CHANGEx
– “Numerical package”: the different combinations of CHANGEx Tools made available through the purchase of a license linked to any subscription.
– “Order”: the order of a numerical package placed by a client in accordance with the general terms and conditions listed in the General Purchase Conditions.
– “Website”: the website dedicated to promoting “CHANGEx” services accessible via the address including all the web pages, products and services made available to the user.

Article 3: Field of application

The GPC applies to the Client and MindForest. The GPC applicable on the day of purchase of a numerical package by a client applies to this transaction.

Article 4: About the numerical package

Some limited functionalities on the website are accessible without any obligation to purchase a numerical package. However, if you do not purchase a numerical package, you will only obtain limited access to the website content.

MindForest reserves the right to change the content, the variety and availability of a numerical package at any time.

Only one single person may use a username and the associated password to access a numerical package.

Article 5: Processing and payment

MindForest will process your order as quickly as possible. While your payment details are being processed, there may be a slight delay to the activation of your access to your chosen numerical package.

We accept all the main credit cards, PayPal and certain other means of digital payment. We reserve the right to refuse any order at any given moment.

If your initial payment approval is revoked at a later date, your access to a numerical package will be blocked. If you believe that your accessed was blocked by mistake, please contact for help.

Unless otherwise indicated, no fees will be reimbursed.

To consult or modify your means of payment, please access the “my account” part of the website and update your details.

Your credit card provider may give you the right to refuse the update service. It is your responsibility to contact your credit card provider on the subject of your right to refuse the update service.

Article 6: Charges

When you take out a subscription to access a numerical package, the price will be clearly indicated during the purchase process. At the moment of your purchase, you agree to pay the indicated prices, as well as any applicable taxes. You also accept the invoice frequency indicated at the moment of purchase.

Any eligibility to a reduction will be indicated at the time of purchase. No reduction can be applied after purchase.

All prices are in Euros unless otherwise indicated.

MindForest reserves the right to modify its prices and charges at any given moment. We will give you prior notice, if the price of your chose numerical package changes from the price which was indicated at the time of purchase. You will be given the option of accepting the new price or of cancelling your subscription from that moment.

All applicable taxes may vary. We cannot accept responsibility for providing prior notice of changes to any applicable taxes.

If we discover, of our sole volition, that an indicated price is false, we are not bound to offer the numerical package at this price. We will inform you about the error and give you the option of cancelling your order and obtaining a reimbursement if payment has already been made.

Article 7: Additional charges

It is possible that your numerical package does not provide access to the entire scope of the numerical packages and that you will have to pay additional charges to obtain full access. Such additional charges will be clearly indicated.

When you use your numerical package, you may incur additional charges generated by third party suppliers, such as telecommunication charges, data fees or supple service fees. You are responsible for payment of any such additional charges.

If you believe that someone else has used your account or that you have been invoiced for a numerical package, which you did not request, please contact for further assistance.

Article 8: Invoicing

We will debit your means of payment at the start of your subscription or, if appropriate, at the end of your free trial period. You will then be invoiced at the frequency indicated at the time of purchase.

To check details of invoice frequency, please access the “my account” part of the website.

Subscriptions to numerical packages will be renewed automatically. When we renew your subscription, we will debit your given means of payment linked to your account. You may consult this information at any time by accessing the “my account” part of the website.

In most cases, you will not receive prior notice of an imminent renewal and you fully accept that you have no right to demand the application of any law prescribing prior notification of any renewal. Please consult our cancellation and reimbursement policy below for more details about cancellations.

Article 9: Unpaid charges

If your credit card has expired or your means of payment is no longer valid, your subscription will be cancelled automatically. You retain responsibility for all charges incurred.

You will be held responsible for any charges we incur in the course of collection of unpaid charges, including any legal costs, lawyers’ fees, debt collection agency fees and any other associated costs.

Article 10: Special offers

We may occasionally make temporary special offers. The specific conditions of each offer will be indicted at the moment when the offer is launched. Each special offer may vary. Is it not permissible to accumulate special offers.

You will be required to provide details of a means of payment when you subscribe to an offer. At the end of the offer period, your subscription will be renewed automatically at the normal rate as indicated at the time of purchase.

We will not provide any prior notice of the end of a special offer and we will not inform you that your promotional period is about to expire. To cancel your subscription and avoid being invoiced, you must contact us before the end of the special offer.

Article 11: Cancellation and reimbursement policy

Subscription cancellation and reimbursement

When you cancel a subscription, you only cancel any future charges related to this subscription. You may inform us of your intention to cancel a subscription at any moment, but this cancellation will only take effect at the end of your current payment period.

With the exception of certain special offers, you may change or cancel your subscription at any moment by sending an email to

Any numerical packages sold in the context of a special offer may be subject to specific cancellation or reimbursement policies, which will be indicated at the time of purchase.

Any cancellation will take effect during the next invoice cycle. You will not receive any reimbursement for the current invoice cycle. You will continue to benefit from the same access rights and advantages linked to your numerical subscription for the rest of your subscription period.

We reserve the right to emit any reimbursement or credit notes at our sole discretion. If we authorize a reimbursement or a credit note, this does not imply any requirement to emit a similar or identical one in the future.

Changes to content or access rights

We reserve the right to make any changes to our numerical packages at any given time. If we reduce or temporarily remove the price of the content or the access, which you currently pay for based on different conditions, you will not receive any reimbursement.

Cancellation on our behalf

We reserve the right to suspend or cancel your subscription for any reason, with or without prior notice and without any obligation. In such circumstances, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement. If part or all of your numerical package is temporarily inaccessible, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement. We reserve the right to emit reimbursements or credit notes at our sole discretion. If we authorize a reimbursement or a credit note, this does not imply any requirement to emit a similar or identical one in the future.

Cancellation during a special offer period

Certain special offers may preclude cancellation during the special offer period. You accept the cancellation and reimbursement policy indicated at the time of purchase.

Article 12: Proof of contract

Without any detrimental implication for the above-mentioned articles, the Client and MindForest accept that electronic registration in their respective data systems in respect of all reasonable data security measures constitutes the conclusion of a contract between the Client and MindForest.

Article 13: Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights linked to the numerical packages sold by MindForest via this website remain the property of MindForest.

Article 14 : Nullity

Should any clause contained in these GPC be declared null and void by a court of law or by settlement, the affected clause will be considered null and void and unwritten without any adverse effect on the other clauses contained in the GPC, nor will it alter any of the other clauses, all of which will remain applicable.

Article 15: Applicable law and court of jurisdiction

The GPC are subject to Luxembourg law. Any litigation regarding the validity, the execution or the application of the GPC will be solely subject to judgement in front of the district court in and of Luxembourg, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the different parties at the outset of the dispute.

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